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Update: The Estate

Update: The Estate

So it’s quite clear that this will become a much larger story, and so, I've dedicated a new section of this site for The Estate. I’ll keep chapters one and two here for now, but from now on, all other Estate chapters will be found on the designated section on the menu bar. Here’s a quick summary of this story:

The River Thames has burst and London is flooded. Imagine Venice but with sewer water swamped with bloated dead bodies, and replace the gondolas for makeshift rafts and rejigged speedboats. The only places of refuge are high-rise flats, once simple council estates, but which have now become political citadels where black and ethnic minorities and the white working class rule as kings and queens, and the “Poshes”, aka, the rich folk from affluent boroughs, are forced to live on the bottom floors closest to the flood waters. The Estates function as major operational bases, and each tower has a Leader which presides over his or her residents, and also works to overthrow or expand their territory by invading and conquering other estates. The Poshes on the bottom floors are left to perform petty crimes at the whim of their new leaders.

The Estate is told from the eyes of Lisanna, a black girl working for Hudson, the leader of her Woodpecker Estate, and centres on the experiences of her and her friends as they adjust to becoming the new landed gentry. The only thing is, though, is that rich white people will not stay meek and quiet for long, and they have a plan to regain their old status.

—Please enjoy it!

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