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Waiting and waiting

I’m still waiting to hear back from the agent who requested a full, so I’ve decided to send a chaser message next month, which would make it 5 months (not really a long time, to be honest, but it feels like an eternity). I’ve since sent a heavily edited version (almost a different book!) to some more agents, sometime near the start of January. Hopefully I hear something positive back from them, too.

I avoided this place for a little while because my Sister Krone blog went viral, and the numbers this site was doing scared me shitless. Strange, isn’t it? When I started this site, I didn’t intend to “blow up”, but I did want an audience. Now I have one and I’m beside myself. I’m not ungrateful, though: seeing people engage with my work has been a fun experience, got me some great friends on Twitter, and given me confidence to start freelancing. I can make money from this thing, I’m sure of it. Now, how does one freelance??

Book 2 (the prequel to THE BOOK) is ready for editing, it really is, but I’m lazy.

Bussey Building Battle (Part 1)

Bussey Building Battle (Part 1)