Casca the boss...

Casca the boss...


I've had loads of blogs in the past where I've written about my experiences with religion, culture, gender, race and other things, but I've never had a public space to share my creative fiction. Here's a lowdown of the major projects I have going here:

The Cave Chronicles

I was a goth in my adolescence, which caused much angst among church folk. I started writing a story about a little goth girl in an overly religious English village who gets whisked away to London to discover a fantasy world beneath its surface. I love this story dearly, and I had a bout of nostalgia the other day and finished off the first novel in what was going to be a four-part series. Maybe I'll finish the whole series and upload it here? 

Expect Cave chapters on the 1st of every month. 

The Estate

This is a new story that I’ll be uploading whenever I can. I had a dream about a disaster hitting London that quickly became the prologue for The Estate, however, as I started writing it down, a whole new story began to form.

The River Thames has burst and London is flooded. Imagine Venice but with sewer water swamped with bloated dead bodies, and replace the gondolas for makeshift rafts and rejigged speedboats. The only places of refuge are high-rise flats, once simple council estates, but which have now become political citadels where black and ethnic minorities and the white working class rule as kings and queens, and the “Poshes”, aka, the rich folk from affluent boroughs, are forced to live on the bottom floors closest to the flood waters. The Estates function as major operational bases, and each tower has a Leader which presides over his or her residents, and also works to overthrow or expand their territory by invading and conquering other estates. The Poshes on the bottom floors are left to perform petty crimes at the whim of their new leaders.

The Estate is told from the eyes of Lisanna, a black girl working for Hudson, the leader of her Woodpecker Estate, and centres on the experiences of her and her friends as they adjust to becoming the new landed gentry. The only thing is, though, is that rich white people will not stay meek and quiet for long, and they have a plan to regain their old status.

Rye Lane

Rye Lane is a story I wrote several years ago. It was supposed to be a novel, but I never really progressed after 11, 000 words and my mind was distracted by more interesting projects, mainly my current completed work that I've decided to send off to agents. 

I want to get into it again, so I've started to upload here, chapter by chapter, and maybe I'll get to the end this time. It's my love letter to London. 

Home Page

The home page of this site is a general blog of various creative snippets. Some will be poems or short stories, little bursts of literary energy. I may stray off topic sometimes and write opinions about my favourite manga series, Berserk (where my profile picture comes from), or other geeky topics: manga, anime, Sonic the Hedgehog. Or I might write about my favourite authors (Stephen King, Toni Morrison, and others), do reviews and whatnot, but the creative stuff will take priority.